Knowing Your Rights When Arrested in San Antonio

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Statue of law and justice in San Antonio

If you find yourself facing arrest in San Antonio, Texas, it’s crucial to know your rights. These rights are enshrined in both the U.S. Constitution and Texas law, designed to ensure fair treatment and protect your interests within the legal system. At River City Bail Bonds, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. Here’s a breakdown of your key rights if you’re arrested in San Antonio.

Your Miranda Rights

In 1966, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision in the case called Miranda v. Arizona, which created the Miranda Rights. These are important rules that the police must use when they arrest someone. When you get arrested, the police are supposed to tell you about your Miranda Rights. The Supreme Court made these rules to ensure that people are treated fairly by the police during an arrest. Your Miranda Rights include your right to remain silent, the fact that anything you say can be used against you in court, your right to an attorney, and, if you can’t afford one, the right to have one appointed for you. Let’s break those down:

The Right to Remain Silent

Under the Fifth Amendment, you have the right to remain silent to avoid incriminating yourself. This means you’re not obliged to answer any questions from law enforcement, except for providing your identification. If you decide to speak to the police, you have the right to stop answering their questions at any time.

The Right to an Attorney

The Sixth Amendment guarantees your right to an attorney. If you’re unable to afford one, the state is obligated to provide one for you. You’re entitled to consult with your attorney privately and have them present during interrogations and at your trial.

Five Other Rights You Should Know About


1. Protection from Unreasonable Searches

The Fourth Amendment safeguards you against unreasonable searches and seizures. Law enforcement needs a warrant or probable cause to search you or your property.

2. The Right to a Phone Call

In the State of Texas, you’re typically allowed a phone call after being booked. It’s important to know who you should call first if you’re arrested.

3. The Right to Know Your Charges

You have the right to be informed of the charges against you, and this information should be provided promptly after your arrest.

4. The Right to a Speedy and Public Trial

You’re entitled to a speedy trial, ensuring the government doesn’t delay your trial unnecessarily.

5. The Right to an Impartial Jury

Most criminal offenses afford you the right to a trial by jury. This jury should be impartial and representative of the community.


Navigating the Legal System

Being aware of these rights is the first step in navigating the legal system. If you believe your rights have been violated at any point during the arrest or judicial process, it’s important to inform your attorney. They can help address these legal issues and ensure your rights are upheld.

For further insights into legal processes and rights in San Antonio, resources like San Antonio Bail Bond Legal Terms And Definitions You Should Know can be incredibly useful.

At River City Bail Bonds, we’re committed to providing our clients with not only bail bond services but also valuable information that can help during challenging times. If you’re in need of assistance or have more questions about bail bonds in San Antonio, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

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