Don’ts of Working With a Bail Bond Agency

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Nobody plans on getting arrested. That’s why it’s important to research bail bond agencies when you’re free. That way, you’re prepared when the unexpected happens. If you want a smooth and painless bail bond process, there are some things you should avoid. Here are the 6 things not to do when working with a bail bond agency, and what to do instead:

  • Don’t wait to call a bail bond agent.
  • Don’t work with the wrong bail bond agency.
  • Don’t sign anything until you understand it.
  • Don’t lie on your bail bond application.
  • Don’t break any laws.
  • Don’t miss your court dates.

Don’t Wait to Call a Bail Bond Agent.

Once you’ve been arrested, your phone access will be extremely limited. Chances are, you’ll only get one shot at a phone call. You might be tempted to use it to contact a loved one for help. But the better option is to use that phone call to contact a bail bond agent. A bail bond company has the experience and the finances to get you out of jail, whereas a loved one might not. Bail bond agents need time to contact the jail, set up the paperwork, and finalize your release. Calling a loved one first will slow down that process.

Don’t Work With the Wrong Bail Bond Agency.

Not every bail bond agency has your best interests in mind. Some agents may not be licensed, and others may be downright shady. That’s why it’s always important to do these 3 things when looking for a bail bond agent:

  • Get their bail bond license number. If a bond agent can’t or doesn’t give you proof of a license, you should walk away and find someone else.
  • Know their office address. Your best bet is to find a bondsman with a physical address. If they don’t give you one, or if they only give you a PO Box number, you should find someone else to work with.

Don’t Sign Anything Until You Understand It.

Depending on why you’re arrested, you may have to meet certain expectations upon release. This could be court-ordered public service or a drug treatment program. Make sure you know exactly what’s expected of you.

You also need to understand your repayment plan. Bail bond agents may offer different payment plans to choose from. Make sure you know all the due dates, terms, and conditions on your bond agreement before you sign.

Don’t Lie on Your Bail Bond Application.

Lying on your bail bond application could ruin your chances of getting out of jail and land you in more trouble in the future. You’ll need to stay in contact with your bail bond agent, so they’ll ask you for some important information. You’ll need to give them an address and a phone number where they can reach you. You’ll likely also need to provide contact information for references who can vouch for you. Be honest and thorough.

Don’t Break Any Laws.

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Don’t do anything illegal, and avoid associating with people who have a criminal record. Don’t do anything that could get you arrested a second time. Stay out of legal trouble. This is especially important while you’re still out on bond. Getting rearrested will likely forfeit your bond to the courts, and you’ll have to pay your bail bond agent back for everything.

Don’t Miss Your Court Date.

Once you’re out on bail, you’ll be expected to appear in court on a specific date and time for your hearing. Don’t miss it. Don’t arrive late. Don’t just arrive on time, be early. And while you’re standing before the judge, be respectful. Missing your hearing or being inappropriate in court will get your bond revoked, and you’ll end up back behind bars.

If you need help securing a bond in the San Antonio area, get in touch with us. We’ll explain the bail bond process, answer any questions, and help you secure a bond any time of day or night.

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