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Can An Inmate Post a Bail Bond for Themselves?

If you have a friend or a loved one who was recently arrested, you might be wondering if they can post bail themselves or if you will need to take the reins and figure out how to get them released. The simple answer is yes, they can bail themselves out of jail, but that yes

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What are Immigration Bail Bonds?

Foreign nationals who violate American immigration policies and laws are considered illegal immigrants. If you have crossed over the United States border without inspection or proper authorization, you stay beyond an authorized period following legal entry on a Visa, or it has become expired, you will be classified as an illegal alien. When you are

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What Happens at an Arraignment

The criminal defense process in Texas has several steps that outline the process that law enforcement and the court system follow when a suspect has been arrested. The arraignment is part of that process. Here’s what happens at an arraignment.

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How to Get the Most Out of the Bail Bonds Process

If someone you love is accused of a crime and gets arrested, he or she doesn’t necessarily have to stay in jail while awaiting a court appearance. Typically, a judge will set bail for the accused. If someone can provide the bail amount to the court, the individual is released from jail until the court

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Do Affordable Bail Bonds Really Exist?

Whether you’ve been to jail or not, you’re most likely familiar with bail. We hear about it on the news and social media. Bail is an expensive way for inmates to get out of jail while awaiting a trial for a crime. Depending on the nature of the crime, bail can range from a hundred

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