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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A San Antonio Bond

One of the last things anyone thinks they’re going to be dealing with during the course of a day is deciding on the services of a bail bondsman. When it happens, however, it’s best to be prepared for what the courts and the bond company expect. Whether you are trying to post bail for yourself

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Understanding the Felony Bail Bond Process

River City Bail Bonds in San Antonio/Fort Worth, Texas provides a service for those in need who typically have no idea how the bond process works. River City Bail Bonds knows the process inside and out and is ready to use its expertise and knowledge to offer you, or a loved one assistance in walking

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How to Pick the Best San Antonio Bail Bonds Company for You

Most of us don’t plan on getting arrested—but if you make a mistake and find yourself in need of a San Antonio bail bonds company, you want to know you’re choosing the one that can guide you smoothly through a difficult time and a potentially confusing process. As in any other industry or service category,

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5 Questions to Ask When Bailing Someone Out of Jail

When a loved one gets arrested for a crime, there is the immediate feeling that everything’s out of control. You may believe that the system is unfair or cumbersome, but there are rules that must be followed before a potential offender will be released from the county jail. This is simply because the person who

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