4 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A San Antonio Bond

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One of the last things anyone thinks they’re going to be dealing with during the course of a day is deciding on the services of a bail bondsman. When it happens, however, it’s best to be prepared for what the courts and the bond company expect. Whether you are trying to post bail for yourself or working on the release of a loved one in San Antonio, River City Bail Bonds offers some advice on avoiding the pitfalls that could lead to re-incarceration.

The first step in the process is in understanding what posting a bail bond involves. Unless you or your loved one has been released on personal recognizance, then the court requires a certain amount of money to be posted for the defendant’s release from jail before the court date. Often, it’s more than a person has available, and that’s when the services of a bail bond company are required.

A full-service company, such as River City Bail Bonds, is available to post the required bail on the defendant’s behalf. In return, the bonding company wants some assurance that the defendant will show up to court, so they don’t lose the entire bail amount. While posting a bail bond through a service seems straightforward, there are mistakes that can cause real problems and hardship if not properly addressed. We’re here to help keep you on the right track until your trial.

Common Mistakes To Avoid with a Bail Bond Service

1.  Providing the Wrong Address

There could be several reasons why you provide an incorrect address. You may have just moved and aren’t sure of the exact address, or you might be in between places. There’s also the possibility that you simply don’t want the authorities to be able to find you, so you provide either a false address or one that belongs to a friend. Whatever your reasoning, this is a very bad idea. If you are not truthful with your address, the bond company might suspect you aren’t a good risk for showing up for your court appearance and deny your bond. Remember, they’re on the line for the entire amount of bail should you not keep up your end of the bargain.

2.  Traveling While on Bail

Travel while out on bail is often prohibited. At the very least, it’s limited and tightly monitored. It is advisable to forego all travel because you don’t want the court or bonding company to consider you a flight risk. If you do need to travel, let them know where you’re going and for how long. You also need to provide accurate contact information. You don’t want to jeopardize your case by missing a court date or have your bond revoked altogether because you couldn’t be reached.

3.  Getting Rearrested

Staying on the right side of the law while out on bail is solid advice. You do not want to risk being arrested again while awaiting trial and you certainly don’t want to be rearrested for the same crime. If the court or bond company suspects that you can’t be trusted, they can revoke your bail.

4.  Selecting the Wrong Bail Bond Company

You should verify that the potential bondsman is legitimate by asking for his license number. You want to make sure that the company is the right one for you. Ask questions about how long they’ve been in business and what their fees are.

Deciding on the right bail bond company can be a stressful situation during an extremely trying time. When you find that you need a full-service bonding company in the San Antonio area, whether for yourself or a loved one, River City Bail Bonds offers a highly-skilled, experienced, and professional staff to assist you. We are available 24/7 to walk you through the process and answer any of your questions.

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